Vitch Factor, LLC. was created to help Small Businesses & StartUps understand and navigate the online world to optimize their investment in digital marketing services That Much More.  After spending almost 20 years in marketing (broadcast and digital), business development, and sales, Vitch Factor was built on the core value of offering simple, understandable, and transparent marketing services that concentrates on conversions – not clicks or  impressions.

Our targeting capabilities enable you to serve the right ad to the right person at the right time via billions of location-aware data points.

  • Leverages opt-in location data to target specific audiences based on real world behavioral trends to ensure client ads are distributed to the target consumer who will convert.
  • Based on actual location history and data.
  • Targeted ad campaigns can go live in a matter of 48 hours after graphic approval.
  • Your customers will see ads that are relevant and more engaging and by reaching your true target audience to drive uplift in visitor traffic.
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Core Values:

That Much More …. Simple, Understandable, and Transparent Marketing.

  1. That Much More….. Integrity
  2. That Much More….. Loyalty
  3. That Much More….. Brutal HONESTY